Some of the best modern cigarettes: Davidoff Classic

Henry Tudor
4 min readFeb 24, 2021

Fifteen years ago, these cigarettes were my favorite … And there was something to love about them — an excellent bouquet of smoke, strength, and the style of the package design was beyond their limit. Today we will smoke the modern version of the classics and remember the cigarettes of the past.

In those old days, the design of the pack was even simpler, but it is recognizable at first glance — a black-dark brown vertical gradient with a silvery, branded inscription. By the way, Davidoff Classic first came out in the early 1990s, but in fact the brand is a couple of decades older. It’s just that until the 90s it was called differently, namely Davidoff King Size.

Davidoff acquired its modern look only in 2016, although the first sketches were made already by 2014. The European Ministry of Health has just put an end to the design by adopting the final version of the grapic images on the packs.

From the very first issues of the brand, its sole owner was Davidoff & Cie S.A., and it was produced traditionally at German factories Reemtsma. Exactly until 2013 when Reemtsma became part of the Imperial Tobacco, although it retained its integrity.

What immediately catches your eye is the size of the pack; it is slightly larger than its counterparts in format. The cigarettes in a pack are enclosed in a paper packaging with a tear-off label, with a repeated brand name in “silver”.

The pack contains twenty cigarettes with a combined filter. What is remarkable is that the format is not at all king size, which, you see, is a rarity. The cigarette is 92 mm long, and the diameter is small, literally a millimeter, larger than that of the KS. The thing is that only Davidoff has been producing cigarettes in the Magnum and Premium formats to this day. Here is our sample — just the Premium format.

The cigarette has the usual two-part filter, common in many other brands. One section, larger, is made of pure acetate fiber, and the second, smaller, is made of fiber with a generous filling of charcoal crumbs.

The cigarette blend is quite contrasting, though without sharp color variations.

The base is represented by almost equal proportions of fractions of yellow, dark yellow and red-yellow colors. Fragments of light-yellow color are found slightly less often, and particles of brown and reddish colors are found only occasionally. The blend is sliced in a modern way: different ribbons, flakes, and cuts of “blown” veins, which are not insignificant here. Tar characteristics of the cigarettes: 8 mg tar, 0.7 mg nicotine, 8 mg CO. For almost 30 years, Davidoff Classic did not become lighter, cigarettes of the 1990s sample contained 12 mg of tar, and 0.9 mg of nicotine.

Yes, Davidoff is no longer the same … = (Although, there is still a half hint of the former refinement and nobility in the bouquet of smoke. The taste of smoke is, at its core, just like any average cigarette, but it is this “half-hint”, even if it is barely noticeable, it puts these cigarettes higher above all other types. The modern version of cigarettes burns rather quickly, although the process of saturation with “vitamin N” somehow saves their format.

Even if they are completely different cigarettes now, still, personally, I put them on the same level with some varieties of the Sobranie brand. That is, these cigarettes can be your trust-worthy partner in day to day life. With satiety in modern Davidoffs, everything is in order, the cigarette gives a dry smoke, pleasant enough, for which we should thank the filter design. The “human” format of cigarettes, again, plays an important role. The general changes over the years have affected, of course, not only the tar characteristics and composition of cigarettes.

Do you know these cigarettes? I look forward to hearing your opinions in the comments. I’m sure everyone will find something interesting in the comments!