Let’s start with Camel.

Henry Tudor
3 min readFeb 22, 2021

You may be surprised, but this brand of cigarettes is still represented in many varieties in the world! Camel Wides, Camel 99, Turkish, Crush, Platinum, №9 are still produced, and even without a filter version, they are still produced. Remember the 2010 limited edition Camel tin packs? We have got to give credit to them — limited edition cigarettes have been produced since 1990 and often they differ not only in the design of the pack. Let’s say there was delicious tobacco in that very “limited edition” of 2010! It got to the point that two packs per person were sold in tobacco stalls!

Since 2010, Camel has been produced by the Japanese JT International. And the American R.J. Reynolds produces the brand for the domestic market only.

Camel Filters (or Camel Yellow)

Well, well … As they say, let’s return to our muttons or rather, camels)

Camel Filters. It’s “Camel Yellow”. The pack is made in a modern style, without corners — “coffin” style. Inside, we have 20 king size cigarettes. The Cigarette comes with a “cork” acetate filter, bordered by a silver stripe, a silver logo and the brand’s name. TTX is now not written on the pack, but earlier they were like this: nicotine 0.8 mg, resin 10 mg, how much CO I don’t remember.

Inside the cigarette of the American blend pack — Burleigh, Virginia and, judging by the softness of the smoke, Oriental. Tobacco fibers range from light yellow to dark brown. Fiber sizes are consistent with cigarette cut, no sticks and no dust.

As for the taste … well, there is no special taste, just a cigarette, nothing admirable. 10 mg of resin can be felt in the density of the smoke from the first puff. And 0.8 nicotine make you feel full. Yes, Camel is at least satisfying, unlike Winston. If you use your imagination well enough, you can catch the light nutty tones of burley. Although, most likely, this is still just your imagination) the taste quickly becomes boring and the cigarette becomes just a source of nicotine. Price online is $ 46.99 per carton.

Camel Blue

The next one is Camel Blue, from the type of the pack to the appearance of the cigarette, it is completely identical to its “yellow” counterpart. The only difference is that the pack is made in blue tones, but the performance characteristics are different: nicotine 0.6 mg, tar 8 mg.

The color of the pack inside is much lighter. It’s still an American blend, but there are fewer burleys and more mellow and soft orientals. The smoke of the cigarette is definitely lighter, more transparent. At the same time in the taste, from start to finish, there is a tobacco bitterness, probably just because of the large amount of oriental tobacco. Also, it is not a bad option in the modern market. These cigarettes have no “ twist “, they are just satisfying and have good smoking properties.

And remember: smoking is bad for your health!