Comparative tasting of Winston cigarettes.

Henry Tudor
5 min readMar 25, 2021


This test includes the most common cigarettes from the middle price segment. All cigarettes are real, not fake or fraud.

All samples are from the King Size series and are Classic, Blue, Silver and White. So, the entire range, with the exception of Filters cigarettes, which I did not find for sale. Although, it is possible Filters were taken out of sale, because they almost duplicated the Classic variety.

So, all samples were evaluated according to the following characteristics:

- the appearance of the cigarette (quality of seams, filter, general neatness);

- the quality of the tobacco in the cigarette;

- the quality of cigarette smoking;

  • the quality of tobacco smoking (without a regular filter, and sometimes without regular paper).

And the first sample of the test is Winston Classic. It is worth mentioning right away that all cigarettes of the series are characterized by the accuracy of gluing the seams and the firmtech filter. This filter is positioned as a more elastic filter, which, after slight creasing, takes on its original shape. The entire series also uses the traditional tobacco blend known as American blend.

Winston Classic has the usual “yellow” lining of the filter, “gold” stripe and the same spelling of the brand name with the silhouette of the branded eagle. Tar and nicotine; 10 and 0.8 mg.

Cutting tobacco in a cigarette is quite standard for this format — narrow strips with occasional inclusions of larger fractions. There are “Sticks” and no dust. The color of the blend is light yellow, dark yellow and it has very few brown fractions. The color of the tobacco matches an American blend of Virginia and Burley.

The cigarette is soft, you can feel the intensity but it does not flicker down the throat. And, sadly, despite the strength of the cigarettes, they are not satisfying at all. There is not much smoke at the end, the tobacco taste is poorly expressed. There is a faint speck in the taste, which increases towards the end of the cigarette. The cigarette burns evenly — tobacco and paper burn at the same time. The ash is stable.

When smoking a cigarette without a filter, the taste becomes tenser, more voluminous. But the pungency of the smoke is growing.

The next sample is Winston Blue. Judging by appearance, the cigarettes do not differ from the first sample, except that the inscription “Blue”. The amount of resin and nicotine is 6 and 0.5 mg.

But the blend is already different — it is thinner than that of Classic, and there are practically no brown fractions.

Cigarette smoke can be felt in almost the same way — the tobacco taste is poorly expressed; a weak axle is present from start to finish. But despite the fact that this variety is lighter, the smoke is much sharper. Although we must give credit where it’s due — this variety is more satisfying.

When smoking without a filter, the smoke is dry and harsh, the strength is more pronounced and hits the throat. Quite unpleasant effects.

The next one is Winston Silver. Cigarettes of this variety are done in elegant white colors with a silver stripe and an eagle, but a blue lettering of the brand name. Also, a distinctive external feature is one perforation line exactly in the middle of the filter.

The amount of tar and nicotine is 4 and 0.3 mg.

But the blend looks exactly the same as in the “Classic”. Both the color and the cutting are the same. Although the “Classic” is almost twice as strong.

The cigarette smoke is just as smooth and gives strong ash. In comparison with the previous sample, there is a clear loss of the strength and density of the smoke, apparently because of perforation. But the tobacco taste is slightly more pronounced, a slight tobacco bitterness appears towards the end.

But when smoking without a filter, I would not say that Silver is light cigarettes! The smoke is harsh and even stronger than Blue. Tobacco bitterness, not the most pleasant, is pronounced from the very beginning to the end.

And finally, Winston White. These cigarettes are positioned as the lightest (in their series), so to speak, for those trying to quit or light smokers. As for looks, the cigarettes are the same as Silver and the differences are similar in the “Blue \ Classic” pair. Silver and White have only one difference in their packaging — a double perforation ring.

The amount of tar and nicotine is 1 and 0.1 mg.

But this pack is identical to the “Classic” one.

But the smoking indicators are really for light smokers — the taste is empty; the pull is tight — literally on the verge of comfort. Inhaled smoke is much less than from the burning tip of a cigarette.

Smoking without a filter produced the same empty =and very harsh taste, unpleasant smoke that scratched the throat. The aftertaste is spicy, peppery and unpleasant.

And here, for the finale, all the contestants, lined up and gutted.

It is not very noticeable in the photo, but if you look closely, it will become noticeable that two blends are used in all varieties. Filters seem to create the difference in perception. For the same bag in Classic (without perforation) and Silver (with perforation), in Blue (without perforation) and White (with perforation).