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Today we will explore the history of the US cigarette industry. Today I will focus on important events of the early 20th century, which marked the beginning of the modern market formation.

Oris cigarette advertisement, 2020

You may be surprised, but the usual cigarette filters were not invented to reduce tar and nicotine in smoke. And in general, by that time, the manufacturer cared more about the end consumer, because the “tobacco wars” were in full swing and it was the smokers who ultimately decided who would emerge victorious from this battle. As you may have guessed, this article will focus on the history of the most important invention — the cigarette filter.

Our sample package design matches the pre-rebranding version of 2018. Remember? This is when the “red” Dunhill was taken off the market, and the Dunhill crest disappeared from the design of the remaining varieties — with the remnants of the once prestigious Royal Warrant.

This test includes the most common cigarettes from the middle price segment. All cigarettes are real, not fake or fraud.

All samples are from the King Size series and are Classic, Blue, Silver and White. So, the entire range, with the exception of Filters cigarettes, which I did not find for sale. Although, it is possible Filters were taken out of sale, because they almost duplicated the Classic variety.

So, all samples were evaluated according to the following characteristics:

- the appearance of the cigarette (quality of seams, filter, general neatness);

- the quality of the tobacco in the cigarette;

Few people know that Marlboro cigarettes, first released in 1924 by the American company Philip Morris, are not actually named after the old British noble family of Marlboro. How did it happen? Read below!

This British brand has a long history. Few people know, but the founder of the company, Louis Rotman, was born in Ukraine and gained his first experience as a cigarette twister at a tobacco factory in Kiev. And in 1890, after emigrating to England, Louis registered L. Rothman & Co. At first it was a small tobacco shop on Fleet Street. The popularity of the brand was brought about by the quality and low cost of cigarettes, plus there were many publishing houses on Fleet Street and journalists who unintentionally became the best advertising agents.

This brand was first introduced in 1931 by Philip Morris. Parliament is one of the first brands to offer filter cigarettes long before the start of the anti-tobacco campaign. The first Parliament filters were paper filters and were offered solely as a convenient addition, which made it possible to not use a mouthpiece.

This review will feature Red Label and Blue Label cigarettes.

All of the varieties in this review come in trendy beveled packs with Pro Fresh valve. Speaking of the valve, chances are it actually retains flavor longer. However, there is also a disadvantage to this technology — you cannot get a cigarette from the pack with one hand on the go :( (Especially if the pack is already half empty. But this is of course my personal opinion.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand who is responsible for the increase in cigarette sales and who is responsible for the decline. It is also quite logical to assume that all increases are due to young smokers, but in our age of “great choice”, luring young people to the “dark side” is not an easy task. Or rather it was. Until recently…

Henry Tudor

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